Composite ... Composons your own


The "Green Revolution" is avancing and so are all durable development.

There is not enought social housing, and the lack of manpower to build more and faster. Lead times are getting longer and longer... Costs have reach the sky...

We need to say that the actual building technology does not evolve as much as the one in aeronautics for example!
But what about using that expanding technology to improve building technology? And thereby solve many actual problems...


The solution is based on lower cost, higher and regular quality, energy savings. And for that we can use COMPOSITE MATERIALS.

Composite materials are ligther than wood, more resistnt than steel, protect the environment and we can produce them faster and of better quality thanks to automation.

Henry Ford knew it and start a new Industrial World allowing people to acquire their own cars. LEt's do the same with housing.

The automation of house production will allow everyone to get access to a house at a reasonable price and very reasonable time.

Not only we will solve our own National issues but we can solve all African issues. More than 100 millions people are homeless or leaving in guettos...